Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Finishing first year at Uni

Hi there!

I haven't posted in a while, as I was quite busy with many things these past few months. So many things happened: I finished (I hope) the first year at my course in college, finally started working at a retail shop, and am Junior Graphic Designer of E+ Magazine, our university magazine that will launch in September.

When I started this blog I had really hoped to keep on posting a lot, but Uni life is SO busy! :)
If you want to receive posts more often, you can check my tumblr, where I post my works, but don't write much. But now, I will show you what I had done the past months.

First, let's get through with the least exciting part, theory class. Yes it is interesting, but design is not only about thinking, it's about doing as well. We had to write eight short essays and one extended essay of 2000 words referenced with an annotated bibliography. Above all, we had to create a publication, design and print for the hand-in, even though they won't grade that part. You can see the entire publication here:

The design is probably not the best, but because it does not count at all, I felt like experimenting with layouts and colours. I don't regret a thing, ha! If you have any comments on it though, please let me know. It's always nice to learn from other people.

Next is project info/expo, which was about inforgraphics. We learn the many versions of infographics and had to pick a theme and mode of enquiry. My theme was Light and I chose to view this from a scientific aspect, as it was the main focus of my secondary school. I decided to create many small infographics and connect them in an animation, because I couldn't choose between chemistry, physics, biology and technology. I had this huge story and started storyboarding, but didn't plan on creating it all. In the end, I did make a 30 second animation, so I'm happy.

Also, we are required to create a 25-30 page research document for all of these projects, so that's what I did. This one had to be printed, so I will show you through again.

Next project went horribly wrong, but I managed to save it in an OK way...I think. Anyway, I'm not planning on publishing this one. It was planned to be an online game, but turned out to be a booklet. The point of it all was to raise awareness of a chosen discrimination, which I did about racism. You can view the research document below, so you might get an idea of the end result:

Click here to download interactive PDF.

The third and last project of this year was the most fun, as we got the chance to choose one of four classes. I picked motion typography class in which we had several workshops around typography and for this project I decided I want to learn After Effects and Premiere Pro.

It's worth downloading this research document, if you are interested in seeing the end results for the typography workshops. There are about five: 3D Type, Time based and sound based ones are the more interesting ones in my opinion.

Download here.

In the end, I think the outcomes could be so much better, but I learned so much, that I will forgive myself for this. My second term outcomes were more refined and there was so much work in them, but I changed. I decided to lead a less stressful and more healthy life. This doesn't mean I'm not open to critique. If there is anything you feel like saying, please do in the comments below :-)