Saturday, September 29, 2012

That explains it all

Very recently, especially on and after the exhibition, many people have been asking me the question: Why Cyclop Bunny? I can only imagine how little sense it makes to the ones who haven't known me for years, and almost every time, I brushed it off, saying the story is too long and difficult to tell. But the questions just kept coming, and I needed to give the name some justice and a true meaning.
The problem is, when I tell people, that the explanation is related to inside jokes and some personal stuff, it makes them either uninterested or even more confused. Now that you know some basic information on the name, you can decide whether or not you want to continue reading! :)

Still with me?
Let's start off with the personal stuff. The reason it's Bunny, is simply because my boyfriend calls me bunny. And we'll just keep it at that, cuz let me say it out loud: You don't care about my love life.
And now the longer part, the Cyclop part, which is written incorrectly. (And there I was wondering why none of the CyclopBunny usernames were taken yet.) If you ever played the game, where you need to take a piece of paper, draw on a body part, fold the drawn part down so it's not visible to the others, switch papers, draw the next body part and so on, you must know, that's the moment when the most fucked up creatures are being created.
Well, how did it begin you say? Me, my boyfriend and another guy (who is irrelevant at this point) were sitting in a train on our way to Balaton, the lake of Hungary. Bored. And since I love to draw when I'm bored, it's just natural that I carried some pen and paper with me. Though my boyfriend also brought some stuff along, he couldn't beat his boredom, so we started playing that awkward game with awkward creatures, and these were some of the results:

You can already see a bunnyesque thing taking it's form, but in the end it's only the drunken bald lady that matters.

alkoholista küklopszné tütüben szőrös kacsalábbal

If you are blessed to have the ability of understanding the Hungarian language, you'll be able to read the text written below the weird lady, unless you have bad eyesight (turns out we all do), then hover over the picture to see the text appear. Otherwise use Google-translate to dampen your curiosity. (It won't make sense, I just wanted to troll.)

And this is the part where my boyfriend started to call me Tutu-wearing Cyclops Bunny, because he thought it was funny. So he kept calling me that, combined with an "evil but sweet" facial expression until my brain started to accept this name against my will. In the end he stopped the tutu-thing and started calling me Bunny again, but this name stuck with me, and here I am, trying to make excuses in order to save my ass from being looked at as a crazy person.
Even though it sounds more reasonable in Hungarian (TütüsKüklopszNyúl), I dropped the Tutu, because it didn't just make the name too long, but don't be kidding me, Tutu-wearing Cyclops Bunny (in English) sounds horrible as shit.
And why did it end up as Cyclop instead of Cyclops? Well, you might have already noticed, that my English sucks as hell, and I was thinking it should be Cyclop, because they only have one eye, so why should I use plural? (Cyclops is singular, as I discovered today)

To be Continued...