Sunday, January 27, 2013


My friend, Dalmi came over the other day to photograph my handmade books, just because I'm applying to a Uni (chances=0, but she's a nice friend, who's glad to help anytime and in return I promised to model for some pictures later). She only had a camera, so we used natural light with a metal tray and a special way to form a kind-of white background.

WTF, right? I mean, look at her holding the metal tray with her leg and sometimes I had to play Miss Shadow, because it was just too bright, or hold up a white paper trying to reflect light on the other side! Nevertheless, it all payed off, because we had a lot of fun experimenting after a long time no see.
Eventhough she was pretty critical with herself, she did great, and the way she used her camera was like science to me. Well, actually I love science, I think it's fascinating, but handling a machine is so not my thing. :) Like alien language...

Oh yeah, I can bind books. Forgot to mention, haha.

So here are the results (after photoshopping out all those lines!):

The black book with the furry heart on it was a bitch! The pictures all came out weird and stuff. Real bunny fur though, I think the bunny came back to haunt us. Oh, but I'm innocent, I got the fur from my teacher at the bookbinding camp. I also have some other pictures that were made when the books were still fresh. So take a look.
The black little one was given away as a present (to Bear).