Monday, March 11, 2013

London is kickass

Ok gals, so I have applied to several universities among Europe and have been pretty busy with interviews and such. In the past month, I have travelled between four countries, seeing two of them for very the first time of my life. In this post I'll tell you about my first stop, London, which was also my first experience in the UK.

So, why was I in London?
Well, after applying my stressfully-written but selfglorifying personal statement to  UCAS, which is  the application system in the UK, I was invited to attend an interview and bring my portfolio to London College of Communication -I applied to BA (Hons) Graphic and media design- on the 8th of March.
Eventhough I considered to only apply to the places where I already have at least a friend or a good acquantance, it was still my luck to have someone who took me in for a few nights. This someone, let's call him The Vegetarian, is one of Bear's greatest friends, professional pokerplayer and, if you haven't already guessed, a vegetarian, for which he get's teased a lot. Although I knew that he is very friendly, we've only met once before in the summer of 2011, and to be honest I was very much surprised by his warmly welcoming, friendly and utterly selfless personality. So thanks to that I had a great time in London, where he showed me around the first day already! And do I need to mention the double-decker buses, the drivers sitting on the "wrong side" or just being horrified of dying disappointingly by being hit by a car coming from the "wrong direction"? Thank god for the 'look right' and 'look left' signs on the ground. Life-savers for sure.

About the interview
A part I can't leave out of this post, especially, since many would, or already did ask about it. And eventhough I like talking about myself, after a certain extend I feel nervous and bored, so I never really go into the details enough. Writing a blogpost always seemed like a good solution to decently go into the details while not having to tell the same story over and over again.
So I had to be there by 3.30 pm, and I figured that I should plan a half an hour ahead, just in case I got lost. Since I was first of the group to arrive, I had a chance to look around the building, and though I had higher expectations (I pretty much always have high expectations), some parts of the education did gain my interest. Around ten minutes before start, a spanish girl arrived with her portfolio, which I asked if I could see. By the end of looking through her pages, I couldn't hold my grin for a second; I may sound arrogant, but she was no competition to me.
At 3.30 it was still just the two of us, and it turned out that four applicants haven't even arrived yet. After a few minutes two english villagers arrived, both boys, wearing similar clothing, baggy clothes and a baseball cap. It was time for us to go to the next room and fill out a questionnaire while the interviewer looked through all our portfolios. After that came the group interview where we had to discuss the questions found in the questionnaire. I assumed the purpose of holding the interview in groups was to compare the applicants, so I just started talking the hungarian way: making bullshit seem legit. And to be honest, I couldn't even take those questions seriously, especially after they wrote in the mail, that the purpose of this interview is for me to have fun. I was nervous though, so nervous I even stuttered a bit. The boys both managed to make some sense, though one was obviously smarter. The girl though, didn't even know what she was talking about. So in the end it was just the four of us, and even if I'd like to believe the rest never showed up, I did see two girls hanging around in the portfolio-room after we finished auditioning.
Two days later, I received an email stating the results, and I am happy to say that by next year, I'll be a university student for sure. Just not sure where yet.

Where am I now?
In the Netherlands, chilin' with my nephew, nieces and their parents, and getting ready for my third auditioning so far this year. Forgetting about school for a whole month is a good feeling ya'll!