Thursday, February 27, 2014

Zine photos and Creative Jam (?)

I managed to take the pictures of my zine and am finally uploading them now. There will be a fair next week at LCC , where all of us will have to sell their publication. I think I'll just make it really cheap, because that's what zines are about and anyway, I just want it to spread and have people read it.

Last week I got a message in my inbox that I am invited to a Behance event called Creative Jam. Yesterday a woman from INT Works called me up to confirm my attendance and apparently, this event is a contest for designers. There will be known designers having talks and critiquing the works. Especially looking forward to meet Chris LaBrooy, who does amazing 3D illustrations and graphic design. If you live in London, you might have seen his 3D Transport for London poster.
About the contest, I have no idea what to expect but it sounds really exciting. I asked if I can bring along people I know for the contest, but was told that it's invite-only, so I will be surrounded by total strangers from 2pm-11pm...yup, that's 9 hours, lol.

Anyway, here are the zine photographs. (I decided to put them on the end of the post so you wouldn't miss half of the text)

For dynamic photos go to my Behance. I just wanted to show the overall layout of my zine publication. A bit of variation so your visit isn't a total waste.

I've also uploaded to my Facebook Page (Cyclopbunny) recently. If you're new, click on the contacts tab on top of this page, where you can get all my social platform links. This way you can follow wherever you like most.