Friday, March 28, 2014

Adobe 'New Creative'

Ok, so in the end I wasn't part of the Creative Jam contest, because they turned out not to have enough money to cover 10 contestants per group, so they reduced the number to 5. Of course I am disappointed by that, but maybe what really caused the bigger disappointment was, that every week someone from either INT Works, Adobe or Torpedo called me up on my cellphone so I would confirm that I am free that day from 2pm. And maybe the fact that I was super tired from all project work and only had a 20 minute nap on that day, which was disrupted by the fatal phone-call didn't help either. It is not only the loss of 75£ (yes, they pay people to take part), but also the publicity and contacts I could've built. Anyway, they managed to keep me happy with free drinks (yesss!!! Open bar at Fabric - this is a massive 3 level nightclub in London), free snack, dinner and deserts.
There were some great talks, met some new people, danced with them on the afterparty until midnight. The whole dancefloor was ours. Amazing! I also had an opportunity to give an interview, and hope to be in the video. Of course, all of this wouldn't have been as much fun without my friend Alma, who also took these amazing pictures.

Photos by Alma Rosaz